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Baby daddy tries to follow my makeup tutorial

автор  дата 09.09.2018
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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today... Nathan is taking over and doing his first ever solo video! He is going to attempt to follow a Jeffree Star makeup tutorial! Should everyone in the beauty community retire after this? Watch and see how he does! WANT MORE?? ⚠️ WATCH NATHAN DO MY MAKEUP!!! ▷ https://bit.ly/2N2wbjX ✅ FOLLOW NATHAN ON INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/datschwandt/ ❄ SHOP THE NEW LIQUID FROST™ HIGHLIGHTERS: https://bit.ly/2ML38Ah *SHOP: http://www.jeffreestarcosmetics.com + FOLLOW MY BRAND ON Instagram: http://instagram.com/jeffreestarcosmetics +FOLLOW ME ON IG: http://instagram.com/jeffreestar + FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/JeffreeStar + SNAPCHAT: jeffreedahmer + TWITTER: @jeffreestar MAKEUP PRODUCTS USED: Sisley - Double Tenseur Primer La Mer - The Soft Fluid Foundation - https://seph.me/2QfsTYr Tarte - Shape Tape Concealer La Mer - The Powder ColourPop - No Filter pressed powder LORAC - Contour Pro Palette MAC Cosmetics - 'Painterly' Paint Pot Jeffree Star Cosmetics - Blood Sugar & Beauty Killer™ palettes - https://bit.ly/2JNL2fC Benefit Cosmetics - RollerLash Mascara Gucci - 'Soft Peach' Blush Jeffree Star Cosmetics - 24 Karat Skin Frost™ Pro Palette - https://bit.ly/2uK3fo1 Pat McGrath Labs - Skin Fetish shade 'Fine Gold 003' Jeffree Star Cosmetics - 'Chrysanthemum' Velour Liquid Lipstick - https://bit.ly/29dat6T Urban Decay - All Nighter setting spray - https://seph.me/2nFWyNr MY JACKET BY: Gucci NATE'S T-SHIRT BY: Taco Bell WATCH MORE VIDEOS...................❤️ 💄 I DO MY BOYFRIEND’S BROTHER’S MAKEUP ▷ https://bit.ly/2mnKD8O 🔥 WATCH ME READING MY BOYFRIEND’S DM’S IN ASMR ▷ https://bit.ly/2KunzBg 🎀 DOING OUR MAKEUP IN A HOT AIR BALLOON ft. JAMES CHARLES ▷ https://bit.ly/2LIfEka 🔮 GUCCI MADE ME PINK CUSTOM LUGGAGE ► http://bit.ly/2DhuKVL MUSIC: ► 3rd Prototype ► ”Feels So Good” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhSyOp2YrWI (courtesy of NoCopyrightSounds)
автор  дата 27.11.2018
HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today Nathan's little brother Zach is here and he is going to attempt to follow a Jeffree Star makeup tutorial!
автор  дата 04.05.2018
HEY SISTERS! Today James Charles transforms me into his Kardashian Charles step sister! We finally sit down and spill the tea while he paints my face and ...
автор  дата 31.08.2018
Today I'm revealing a medical secret that has haunted me for most of my life. We go inside the operating room and I share something I never thought I would be ...
автор  дата 19.03.2017
HIIIIII.... Today I have Nathan's brother Zach here and he's letting me do his makeup for the "I Do My Boyfriends Brother's Makeup Challenge" - Thanks for ...
автор  дата 15.02.2019
Today Mickey follows one of my makeup tutorials, what are your thoughts on his final look? SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: http://bit.ly/2jAjfhk Hey guys! My name is ...
автор  дата 02.09.2016
WHO'S READY FOR A FLASHBACK??? Today I diving into the "How I Did My Makeup In High School" tag!!! I started wearing makeup when I was 12 years old.
автор  дата 27.12.2018
I TRIED FOLLOWING A JEFFREE STAR MAKEUP TUTORIAL Subscribe! http://goo.gl/rYith7 ♥♥♥ My merch: http://www.clubmarshop.com {------- Please ...
автор  дата 24.08.2018
HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today Nathan decided he wanted to sit down and attempt to do my makeup! The first time he tried was over 2 ...
автор  дата 05.06.2017
SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL » http://bit.ly/JamesCharles for new videos twice every week! HI SISTERS! It's been far too long since I've had my daddy on my ...
автор  дата 03.12.2017
HEY EVERYONE! This was such a fun video to film! I love when people are down to go out of their comfort zone and try something new that they never imagined!
автор  дата 03.08.2016
HEYYYYY EVERYONE!!! Ever since Nathan and I started doing videos together, you all have requested that I do HIS makeup!!!! Since our "Boyfriend Does My ...
автор  дата 22.04.2017
Who's ready for some extreme highlighting and a creamsicle smokey eye?? In today's video I'm re-creating the makeup look I did for the "Reading Mean Hate ...
автор  дата 20.06.2018
HEY EVERYONE... SHHHHH... Today I'm filming my second ASMR video!! After the first one where I read mean comments, I thought before I did Part 2, I wanted ...
автор  дата 20.03.2018
SISTER IAN IS BACK. After doing my little brothers makeup, little brother does my makeup, and turning my little brother into a drag queen... I thought it was time ...
автор  дата 26.04.2017
HEY EVERYONE! It's 2017 and everyone is using the craziest items to blend out their foundation! I even tried using a condom to blend out my foundation with ...
автор  дата 22.06.2018
DADDY DOES MY MAKEUP! Today my dadddy (Andrew Goes Places) did my makeup! Andrew's Video: ...
автор  дата 10.09.2017
Who's ready to see if the Urban Decay "Sex Proof" Troublemaker mascara really works?? Watch and see the real tea! ⛓ *SHOP* THE BRAND NEW ...
автор  дата 02.05.2018
HEY EVERYONE... SHHHHH... Today I'm filming my first ever ASMR video!! If you don't know what that is, you are about to find out. I'm going to be reading ...
автор  дата 19.07.2017
COME PARTY WITH ME ON TOUR! http://bit.ly/bretmanrocktour Tour Dates 9/2 San Francisco, CA 9/3 Los Angeles, CA 9/9 Phoenix, AZ 9/10 Denver, CO 9/23 ...
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