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Logic interview: i don't fuck with nobody, i don't go outside, just me, my fiancee, and my puppy

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At the 2015 Soundset festival Logic explains that he avoids the trappings of fame by simply not leaving his house and only talking to his day one friends and family. Subscribe to DJBoothTV: http://djbooth.it/djboothsubscribe The first thing you notice about Logic is that he looks young, remarkably young. The words "baby face" come to mind and you try to dismiss them, they're cliched and you're a writer who's supposed to be able to describe people originally, but nope, baby face really is the best description. The second thing you notice about Logic is that he's nice, remarkably nice. He keeps stopping to talk to fans, and not just in that cursory "Oh, thank you so much" quick handshake way you see from even the nicer artists. He really stops. Looks them in the face. Learns their name. Really talks to them, which is admirable and says something important about who he is as a person, you make a mental note to mention it in your article, but right now you also just need to start this interview. He's due to play the Soundset Festival in just minutes and there are so many questions you want to get in before his tour manager cuts off the interview to walk him onstage. It should be the reverse, but he seems supremely relaxed while you start to show signs of being under pressure. You can hear the clock ticking. Make no mistake though, while it'd be disingenuous for Logic to pretend like he has a "normal" life, he is just minutes away from getting onstage in front of thousands, he seems to genuinely have no interest in living anything close to the rockstar lifestyle. If you're looking to run into Logic on the red carpet or see him in the VIP section of the club, you're out of luck. He doesn't like that shit, he doesn't go outside. Transcription: Nathan S.: Do you feel like it’s getting, I don’t want to say harder but you have to work harder to stay quote un quote normal as your ascension goes? Logic: No, no, because I don’t fuck with nobody. Yeah, I don’t fuck with nobody. Like at all, nobody at all, so. It’s very simple, I stay at my house and it’s just me and my homies, my fiancé, my — this little puppy I just got. That’s it, I don’t fuck with nobody, I don’t go anywhere, I don’t go to parties, I barely go outside, like literally. I really don’t go outside that much just because I don’t fuck with nobody. I know that seems a little weird but I just — I refuse to allow any sort of cancer into my life to spread so I just stay as positive as I can. Even on social media, because when I first started [my career] social media was everything for me to attain my fanbase. Now it’s kind of impossible to have the same personal relationships with fan on twitter because now there re so many. So now I’ve resorted to just the music, and it’s a gift and a curse but I kind of like it better this way because now I get to say everything I’m going through on a record, rather then on twitter. Then I get to shake the hands and see the faces of the fans who truly appreciate the music, not the haters or the mortherfuckers who wish they worked at Rolling Stone on Twitter because everyone is a critic now a days and I get to see it firsthand. That’s all I can focus on. Nathan S.: Do you ever really check out your Twitter notifications? Logic: Yeah, I mean I check it out but it’s like a glance. It’s like, I’ll go through and, ya know, you get shit all the time. You get “you’re a God” then you get “You fucking suck, you eat shit” blah blah blah. It’s like The Internet, so like it’s really — you can’t focus on certain things. Fans from all over the world put together a 20 minute video telling me what they thought about me and that they appreciate me. I can’t not see shit like that so I’ll see shit like that, but it’s either things are so one way or the other. It’s either “you’re amazing, you’re incredible, you’re perfect” or “you suck, you’re horrible, and you should quit rapping” there’s no medium. I think one can be swayed to either the positive too much and get a big head or the negative too much and become depressed and second guess their intentions of why they even make music and the artist that they are. So I just say fuck it all, I don’t fuck with nobody, I’m just gonna chill and do what I’ve always done because that’s who I make music for. You know, he always raps about the same thing or whatever. There’s always somebody that’s going to hate, I have a line that I’m trying to find a home for that says haters gonna hate, man they gon’ be destined to do that. man, I could find the cure for cancer and people would still boo that. So no matter what I do, people will love me or hate me. Shot & Edited by @EriksonCorniel
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I don't know the source of this video but share it..
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also pickles ya boi dont fuck with no pickels.
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I know this is a bit "mainstream", but that's still a masterpiece lol. (And I wanted to upload something on this new channel)
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